Methods and conditions of delivery of your order in Ukraine

Delivery by Nova Poshta

Novaya Pochta delivery service to the branch. Shipping cost from 60 uah., delivery term within 1 to 2 days in Ukraine

Delivery by Nova Poshta

Delivery by poshtomat Nova Poshta Shipping cost from 50 uah.,

Delivery by Ukr Poshta

Delivery service by Ukr Pochta. Form of payment only to the IBAN account. Shipping cost from 28 uah.,

Express delivery

Delivery by Novaya Pochta courier to the address. * - leave at the reception, at the concierge, please specify arbitrarily Shipping cost from 80 uah., from 1 to 2 days in Ukraine

Delivery to Europe from Ukraine

Delivery to Europe from Ukraine. * - enter UA number, operator check details with Viber, TG Shipping cost from 770 uah., from 10 to 14 days to EU

Delivery across Ukraine

1. During martial law, delivery in Ukraine is carried out only by Nova Poshta or Ukr Poshta.

2. Delivery by other carriers is agreed individually.

3. Shipment takes 1-2 business days after order confirmation with the manager or by default if you tick "do not call"